Krunkwich Ramen House in Des Moines, is Iowa’s first restaurant dedicated to the art of Japanese and Fusion Ramen.  The restaurant is brought to you by the minds behind Tacopocalypse.  Our focus is on fresh, local ingredients used to create dishes inspired by the foods of Japan, Korean, China, Vietnam, while also drawing from the foods of Europe and the Americas.

You will also find an eclectic mix of Banh Mi and other sandwiches, and our KrunkTots, tater tots tossed with KrunkSpice and topped with our house made MisoWhiz, and other ingredients like house made kimchi, bulgogi, soy braised pork, and Gochu-Q sauce.  There are even vegan style KrunkTots, speaking of which…

Vegans, rejoice!  Our Chef/Owner Sam has brought his many years of Vegan and Vegetarian cooking experience, and Chef Larry Nguyen has added his creativity and knowledge to bring you a stellar plant-based menu at Krunkwich Ramen House.  We feature our flagship Vegan Ramen, our house made Ginger Seitan, Fried Tofu, Vegan Dan Dan noodles (our veg based take on the classic Chinese street food), VeganTots, and various sandwiches including our Seitan “Burnt Ends” BBQ sandwich.  We even have Vegan Mac and Cheese!

Our weekly and daily features will wow and amaze your family and/or friends.  Our past features have included Turducken Ramen, Bulgogi Chili Cheese Dog (yes, we like to get a little hot dog crazy every now and again), Gumbo with house made andouille sausage, Bacon Ramen with Sweet Corn spiked broth, the “Belly Dawg” a slab of our cured and roasted pork belly served in a crusty baguette and topped like a Chicago Dog.  Check in on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more details.

We hope to see you soon!

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