We will be doing our first, slightly truncated, Dim Sum menu this Sunday 12/4.  It’s been a highly anticipated event, and the anticipation (for the most part) can finally end. This is a “Mini-Sum” event which will be greatly expanded in the coming weeks as we get the logistics worked out in the kitchen. Don’t fret if you don’t see your favorite thing in the whole wide world on the menu for tomorrow. Don’t flip out if you don’t see one of the “Big Five” Dim Sum staples being served just yet. As with everything we do, we try to concentrate on quality of items over size of menu until we are happy with the way things come out to the table.

All That N Dim Sum Menu

Sunday December 4, 2016

Rangoon w/Lump Crab 3/$3.5

Salt & Pepper Wings 3/$3.5

Chicken Feet $3

Sichuan Eggplant $3

Potstickers w/Pork&Bacon 3/$3.5

Vegan Dumplings 3/3.5

Fried Springrolls Pork 2/$3

Sichuan Pork Ribs 2/$4

Mustard Yu Choi $3

Belly & Steam Rice $6

Sesame Pork & Steam Rice $6

Ban Chan Plate pickled goods $3


Whiz $3.5

Kimchi $5

Bulgogi $6


Make Spicy $1

Add Egg $.75

#1 Krunkwich $9

#6 Chicken $9

#12 Vegan $9


Bibimbap Plain $8

Bibimbap w/Beef or Seitan $10

Japchae – Glass Noodle $6

-Add protein* $2

Jjigae –Kimchi/Tofu Stew $7

-Add pulled pork $2

Krunk Rice Plain $6

-Add protein* $2

Banh Mi – Belly, Sesame Pork, or Bulgogi  $4

 Side Steam Rice $2

Hot Tea $4


 Sichuan Eggplant $3

Vegan Dumplings 3/3.5

Mustard Yu Choi $3

Ban Chan Plate pickled goods $3


Vegan Whiz $3.5

Kimchi $5

 Burnt Ends Sandwich $6

#12 Vegan Ramen $9

Vegan Bibimbap $10

Japchae Plain $6

Japchae w/Tofu or Seitan $8

Jjigae Kimchi/Tofu Stew $7

Krunk Rice Plain $6

Krunk Rice w/Tofu or Seitan $8

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