Oops, we did it again.


Krunkwich Ramen, as you may know has been in the process of moving to and completing a new location on Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines. This opening date has been pushed back a few times, and unfortunately this is once again one of those times.  I am not going to release the target date, as this has failed all of us on a few occasions.  I will tell you this: as soon as we are ready, we will scream it to the high heavens that Krunkwich Ramen & Dim Sum is ready for you and yours to rejoin us for all of your favorites, along side new items from our symbiotic restaurant, Piu Piu Dim Sum (of which Krunkwich has taken its place), including traditional Korean fare, more Vegan stuff, VEGAN DESSERTS, AND OF COURSE SOME GOOD OLD FASHIONED CAPS LOCKED DIM SUM.

I’m once again sorry for the delay, what needs to be done is in the hands of some skilled professionals, and they will be finished when the job is…uh finished.

Sam Auen

Owner, Krunkwich

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