Krunkwich is moving to Ingersoll

*Special Announcement*

Krunkwich Ramen House, established April 2015 in the Historic East Village of Des Moines, IA, will be relocating to 2721 Ingersoll Avenue and combining menus/forces with the upcoming Good Word Restaurant Group spot Piu Piu Dim Sum. The new restaurant will be called “Krunkwich Ramen House & Dim Sum,” and will serve the full Krunkwich Ramen House menu along with Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, an even larger Vegan menu, and a mix of classic and Korean/Chinese/Midwestern inspired dim sum on Sundays. Krunkwich is slated to reopen on September 28, 2016.

We are very excited to bring Des Moines’ original and only Ramen House to the Avenues! Thank you for your patience as the Krunkwich situation was being sorted out. We will see you soon, noodle lovers!


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